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A live event is an opportunity to bring your brand to life and this is where we excel.  Our production savvy and creative style drive an entertaining experience that connects fans through engagement and interaction.  We build events to exceed fan expectations and provide value that surpasses both the at-home experience and cost of admission.  We believe that reaching this standard will lead fans to share their experience with others and create new fans.  No matter where you are in the planning process for your next event, let’s get started.  We’re confident in our ideas, even the ones we haven’t come up with yet.

I want to thank 3 Point Productions for all of their hard work on the Nike 3on3 event. They are fantastic at what they do and have taken the entertainment at Nike center court to a whole new level. They continually make my job easier and truly are the best in the business.
— Ashley Fields | AEG | LA Live Events Manager

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