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Under Armour All-America Volleyball Match

Sprint Center | Kansas City, MI | December 2017

In 2017, big changes were made to the format of the Under Armour All-America Volleyball match. The skills competitions were removed from the event in order to make time to expand from a 3-set to a full 5-set match.  The decision turned out to be a good one as the teams battled all 5 sets before the West ended up with the win.  As a result of the format change, more emphasis was placed on our the entertainment during timeouts and set breaks.  Highlights included traditions like the Setter Cam while we also expanded the Player Picks concept introduced in 2016 which allowed each All-American to select a song to be played during the event.  We used over 20 during the event to the delight of the All-Americans. 



Under Armour All-America Volleyball Match

Nationawide Arena | Columbus, OH | December 2016

In our fourth straight year of producing the Under Armour All-America Volleyball game, we've effectively established a strong series of event traditions that continue to engage fans and showcase player personalities. In 2016, the biggest update to the event came in transforming the Hardest Hitter into the Best Hitter competition. To do so, we developed weighted targets that were strategically placed around the court which Hitters were challenged to knock over.  The Best Hitter contest now requires hitter's to balance their power and precision versus swinging for pure power alone. The props we designed also created a valuable branding opportunity for Under Armour as the event is annually broadcast on CBS Sports Network. 


Under Armour All America Volleyball_2013_UA VB Pregame shot.png

Under Armour All-America Volleyball Match

CenturyLink Center | Omaha, NB | December 2015

In our third year in partnership with the AVCA, Omaha played host to the 2015 Under Armour All-America Volleyball match. With some strong traditions in place, we looked to further enhance the fan experience at the event with the introduction of the Emoji Cam. We included a series of six total emojis, each with their own themed music and accompanying PA storyline. Another new feature we introduced was 'Player Picks' which allowed each player to pick a song for the DJ to play during the event. Each Player Pick was announced with live spotlighted introductions. 

Under Armour All America Volleyball_2015_Emoji_4.png
Under Armour All America Volleyball_2015_Emoji Cam_1.png


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Under Armour All-America Volleyball Match

Chesapeake Energy Arena | Oklahoma City, OK | December 2014

The 2014 Under Armour All-America Volleyball match took us to Oklahoma City. Building upon the success from the previous year's event in Seattle, Under Armour wanted to capture more of the spirit of the event and player's personalities on social media. As a result, we included the a Team East vs Team West Selfie Retweet Contest and more on-court player interviews. Some other entertainment highlights included the Setter Cam and a Cowboy holding a radar gun as the target for the Hardest Hitter Competition. The event was once again broadcast on CBS Sports Network.

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Under Armour All-America Volleyball Match

KeyArena | Seattle, WA | December 2013

Each year, as part of the NCAA Volleyball Championship weekend, the AVCA hosts the nation's elite High School Volleyball Players in the Under Armour All-America Volleyball match. 2013 marked our first year in partnership with the AVCA who brought us in to enhance the fan experience of their premiere annual event. We introduced some new entertainment features including the birth of the, now tradition, Setter Cam. We also made improvements the Hardest Hitter & Best Setter Skills Competitions which were part of the national broadcast on the CBS Sports Network. Under Armour noticed the fan experience enhancements, noting that it was the "most engaged" the fans had ever been.