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With expectations of fan experience on the rise, it’s time to meet the demands.  Challenge fans to get off the couch and experience live events. We pride ourselves in production professionalism that doesn’t compromise the traditional collegiate atmosphere but rather enhances it.  We excite and unite fans by incorporating new stadium technologies, integrating sponsorship activation into entertainment and properly highlighting university heritage and school traditions.  A united fan base can affect the outcome of games, boost school pride and increase attendance while impressing recruits and adding value to your brand.  We’re driving the evolution of fan experience and there are open seats on the bus.  Jump on.

3 Point Productions has been integral in leading our redesign of the Husky fan experience. Their consulting program greatly improved both the technical and creative aspects of our game presentation, integrating fresh new programming for our athletes, fans and sponsors while preserving the rich traditions of the University of Washington.
— Shannon Kelly | University of Washington | Associate Athletic Director

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